Atzerriko Euskal Etxeak / Basque Clubs over the world

List of Basque Clubs ordered by countries and cities. The Basque Clubs organize a lot of cultural events. Some of them also offer Basque classes.

North American Basque Organizations

Web site with a lot of information on Basque topics

Euskal Elkartea - Basque Society of London


Dictionaries / Hiztegiak

Euskara - Ingelesa Hiztegia/ Basque - English Dictionary.

Irudi hiztegi / Picture dictionary, very good!!!


Names and Surnames / Izen eta Abizenak

Basque surnames origins (spanish)

Names by Euskaltzaindia

Basque names by Euskaltzaindia (The Royal Academy of Basque Language)

Surnames by Euskaltzaindia

Basque surnames by Euskaltzaindia (The Royal Academy of Basque Language)


Basque Karaoke/ Euskaraokea!

Basque songs collection by Gabi de la Maza, Basque lanuage teacher in Plentzia (Biscay)

Another basque songs collection by Javier Agirre, Basque poet from Chile


Free Cell Dictionaries of Basque/ Hiztegia mugikorrean


Audio in Basque / Euskarazko entzutekoak

Basque reader; here you can enter a text in Basque and submit it, then a .wav file is generated and you can download it to your computer

Basque TV (in spanish and basque)

Web site about basque sounds


Another web site with common words and their pronunciation

In this web some songs can be heard, and their lyrics are shown, so it can be useful in order to improve your hearing skills


Another courses / Beste ikastaroak

Free Course of Basque in french

Free Course of Basque in spanish

Brief Grammar of Basque Language by the University of Basque Country

Free Course of Basque in spanish

AEK-ko orri ofiziala, euskaltegi katerik haundiena, urte askoetako esperientzia, mail guztietan. / AEK's Web Site. AEK is the most big academy of Basque. AEK works teaching Basque since 1965 (even when the Basque language was hardly suppressed)


Basque internet Portals / Euskal atariak

Euskal ataria. / Basque Internet Portal.


Basque newspapers / Euskal Egunkariak

Euskaldunon egunkari bakarra. / Newspaper in Basque

Euskal Herriko egunkaria (erdia euskeraz eta beste erdia erderaz). /Basque newspaper, the basque and the spanish are 50 - 50.

Weekly Basque news from NABO.


Varios / Batzuk